Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thrifting or Op Shopping...

We say 'Op Shopping', you say 'Thrifting''s all the same. One person's trash becoming another persons treasure!!! I went to a couple of local Op Shops today for a look and came out with some goodies. This children's book called 'The Quilt Story' is really sweet. And who knows...maybe it will inspire me enough to have a go at making a quilt for Chloe.

I found this pyrex dish too...I'm in love with the's perfect for my kitchen.

And these are a few more children's books I found. A couple of them are going to be used as readers for Will who is just learning to read. And Chloe is currently working through the Adding & Subtracting workbook. And I couldn't resist the 'It's Great to be Eight' book for Chloe (after all, your only 8 once!!!).

I have a really busy day ahead at work tomorrow so hopefully it will go smoothly. We have a brand new HUGE coffee machine that is the size of a standard household fridge. It makes lattes, long blacks, mochas, cappucinos, chai lattes, chai teas, hot chocolates and all at the press of a's the coolest machine ever and makes working soooooooooo much more enjoyable!!!


Lesley said...

Oh I could so do with a nice hot chocolate please :-) with marshmallows on top as well thanks !!

I love that pyrex dish its a lovely colour your right!
Lesley x

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great finds! Your coffee machine sounds fabulous - much better than instant Government blend!(which accounts for why I only drink tea at work!)

Jenny said...

Such great finds! Enjoy playing with your new coffee machine but don't forget to get some work done!

Stacey said...

The pyrex is a great find! I can't believe people send it to the op shop. I have found some great pieces of late. Its just the best stuff!

ingrid said...

Oh lovely lovely pyrex! Lucky you!

And if you are taking orders, I will have a skim chai latte pretty please :-)