Monday, January 28, 2008

'This Is....What Scares Me'

This is an easy one for me this week.

What scares me is......flying!!!

In fact, it more than scares me....we're talking major fear. I try not to let it stop me travelling and am hoping the more I fly, the more I'll get over my fear, but so far it hasn't happened. Before I can hop on a plane, I HAVE to have a couple of glasses of wine to help calm me down and it does help a bit. But of course now with little children, I can't completely wipe myself out. And I'm also very conscious of not passing my fear onto them, so I have to hide it from them which can be very difficult.

And it looks like Three Buttons can relate well to what scares me!!! I'm curious to see how many others have our same fear. I think it's pretty common.

We're back from our long weekend by the beach and it was fantastic. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

And lastly, a closeup photo of some of our Frangipani favourites!!!


Lesley-Ann said...

Yes I saw this one a lot of times! But I really try to imagine what it is that scares you about flying! I really love it actually, can't help it. I think it's such a miracle! Hope you can enjoy it someday!

xxxxx Les

ingrid said...

Yes, it seems there are a lot of reluctant flyers out there. Ive got to say though that I love it, perhaps it is more the thrill of going somewhere that excites me though.

We have two frangipani trees out the front of our place and as much as I love them in flower, I have been tempted to cut them down as they look so awful for the rest of the year. Your pink ones are lovely, mine are just that plain old yellow and white variety.

Donna said...

I'm with you Ainslie - maybe all of us who have listed flying as 'what scres us' should all book the same flight the next time we go on hols? Hilarious!

Donna said...

Shocking typo that one. I meant to say scares us!!

Julie said...

Hi Ainslie, I was just having a little look at your site and thought it was rather funny that the subjects I had bought up today over coffee were all things that you had previously talked about in your must really think I am a stalker, but I honostly had not seen your newest additions until now (library bag and so on)....I think two great minds must think alike!!