Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Holiday Snaps...

We had a fantastic time in Dunsborough over the long weekend. The weather was perfect. We spent time at the beach, had lunch at a winery, played boardgames, drank champagne with friends and relaxed...just how a holiday should be. I love this photo of Chloe at the winery sucking on a lollypop!!!

...a bit more scenery from the winery. It was a gorgeous setting. Unfortunately the food let them down a bit.

Glenn and Will had fun at the beach together building sandcastles and trenches. The beach was a minutes walk from our house and the water was only knee deep for a long way out so the little kids could splash and play around by themselves without us worrying about them going out too deep.

And now it's back to reality and it already feels like we haven't been away. The kids are back to school next Monday so today we've spent the day buying last minute school supplies, labelling, labelling and more labelling and sewing up library bags and chair bags....pictures of these tomorrow (oooohhhh how exciting....bet you can't wait to see them!!!).

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