Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Look...

As you can see, I've been playing around with my blog today. I finally figured out how to put my own photo up in the title...not hard really. These were another couple of shots I took for the header photo, but they didn't quite make the cut!!!

And here is Chloe's chair bag in the blue cherry fabric. I didn't have the right sized chair to hang it over so it's a bit hard to get the idea, but basically you're looking at the part that hangs at the back of the chair with a pocket to keep their things in and on the other side is a pocket to hang it over their chair. The kids keep all their work books in the pocket and in Chloe's case, lots and lots of teeny tiny cut up pieces of lace from the art and craft room, a really dirty old ruler, pebbles from around the school.... She takes after her dad...she's a hoarder, she literally can't throw anything away (I haven't worked out yet if this is a good or bad thing???).

Will's library bag is just as he ordered....pirates!!!

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Carolyn Lane said...

You've been busy since you got back from down South getting the kids ready for school. What was the name of the winery you visited? It looks lovely. I love the things that you have been making. If you're not busy in the next few weeks would you like to come over for coffee? Let me know. Have a great weekend :)