Thursday, January 10, 2008

'My List of Stuff I Did'...

I was struggling for a title for today's post so who better to ask than a seven year old!!! And of course, her suggestion was...'My List of Stuff I Did'!!!

1. My sister and I swapped kids for the night last night...I had her boy, Conor (eight years old...sleeping over with Will) and Chloe slept at my sisters house with her eleven year old girl, Cayley. It's a lovely swap where the brothers and sisters get a break from each other. We often do this in the school holidays. This morning, the boys and I decided to bake a chocolate cake. I had to search lots of recipe books for a recipe. I suddenly realised how I get so caught up with cooking the 'fancy food', that I seemed to have forgotten about the everyday goodies. Soooooooo, we found the perfect recipe and got to work. With a bit of icing and sprinkles, it turned out delicious.

2. My lovely cousin Carolyn (who was one of my bridesmaids when I was married twelve years ago) had her first baby just before Christmas...a little girl called Madison Sienna. I can't wait to meet her tomorrow. So last night I embellished a couple of plain singlets with some cuteness to go with a few other gifts I bought for her baby a while ago. And I couldn't help but feel some yearning for when Chloe and Will were small, delicate little babies. How life changes so quickly. But the cruel irony is that when you're stuck in the middle of a baby keeping you up all night, rarely sleeping during the day, demanding your attention every minute, you feel as though it's NEVER going to end!!! But it does!!! And although I wouldn't wish those sleepness nights back again, I would do anything to cuddle my own helpless, beautiful, little baby again. Oooooohhhhh, am I sounding just a bit clucky???

3. And finally, a spunky hairdo I did in no more than three minutes today for Chloe with our new Trash Ties (it's the really long Trash Tie). As I've said before, they're great!!! Chloe has picked this hairstyle as the winner for her first day back to school this year!

Hope you all got through 'Your List of Stuff You Did' today too!!!


Heather said...

Yes! Okay, I've got to get that Trash Ties photo group set up.

Heather said...

Hoorah, the Trash Ties Flickr group is up and running now. We'd love if you'd add this picture to the group. Email me if you have any questions. Again, great job!