Friday, January 11, 2008

Check These Out!!!

A quick photo-free post today to let you know I've added a few new blogs to my list of 'Blogs I Love To Read'.

Tree Fall Design has some fabulous, beautifully made goodies.

I Love Milk and Cookies is obviously all about food. There are some great recipes and fantastic photography.

Of Paper and Thread is a lovely WA (Bunbury) based blog. Lots of beautiful handmade things.

And lastly, Elemental Stitches is a GREAT blog for tutorials. There's so many on her blog, from making children's clothes to housey bits and pieces. Megan, you'll love this one.

So just in case you had absolutely nothing to do over the weekend, this should keep you busy for a while. Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ainslie - will have to check out these new blogs. You have been a busy lil' beaver haven't you!! And yes, it does sound like you are a little clucky - but I totally agree - the fantasy is far from the reality once a new bub comes home. I have a new niece or nephew on the way so I can get my fix of 'baby' once he/she arrives later in the year. Catch you soon. Megs said...

these were all fun to check.
i love the milk and cookies...pretty photos.

and the play-doh...i am almost always the one who ends up cleaning it. she just wanders away.