Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Last night I covered my second cork board to go in my sewing room (this one's a bit bigger...from Ikea). I've hung it near my cutting table so I can pin my sewing instructions, measurements etc. to it when I'm working, as well as other bits and pieces. I think it will be very useful.

I've been experimenting these last few days after coming up with an idea to make a child's apron that they can use when setting the dinner table for mum or dad. The idea developed as an extension of the craft aprons I made for my kids a few days ago.

I thought that a little apron for kids to wear, with three labelled pockets for knives, forks and spoons would be a great way to get them involved and more importantly, excited about helping with an everyday job like table setting. They can use the three pockets to sort the cutlery and then take it to the table and set it. And who knows, it could even earn them some pocket money if they're lucky!!!

I've made these ones using quilting fabric, with a linen pocket and twill tape ties. The knife, fork and spoon design have been machine stitched.

So what do you think??? Or have I totally just stolen someone elses idea???


Kate said...

Love the little apron - I think it is a great idea!

megduerksen.typepad.com said...

i like your craft space.
it looks inspired.

the apron is a great idea!
bummer your kids don't look like you. :) maybe they will get all of your personality. or maybe when they grow up they will look more like you...isn't it strange how we change so much?

hope your trip is fabulous. i wish i could go on a trip...to anywhere!