Monday, January 21, 2008

Sweet Treats...

Look at my delicious purchases from Spotlight today. The fabric is all quilting fabric and it was all on sale!!! The green spotty one actually has tiny little red lady birds on it. The red one with the black pirates on it is for Will's library bag (his choice!!!). And the others are all for various different projects.

I also bought the green wire basket today too and it was also on sale (so of course, that justifies everything!!!). The basket is beautiful and it is now sitting on my shelf holding all of my twill tape, ribbons, ric rac etc.


Jenny said...

Oooh you did get lots of good bargains-I love anything with ladybirds on it. That basket looks lovely with all your bits and pieces in it-a very good day spent shopping!!!!

Kyla said...

Ooooh is that ric rac?? I love that ribbon it makes everything look beautiful.

zoesquid said...

Hi Blossom,
Ive come by way of three buttons. Your blog is a terrific read and I shall be back soon.