Monday, August 25, 2008

Her Name Is Lola....

Look at our little fur ball...and she doesn't have irredescent green eyes by the way!!! Her eyes are actually really hard to see because they're black so they get hidden amongst the black fur. She's a Maltese x Poodle (otherwise known as a 'Moodle'...hubby is not happy about that at all...not a tough enough breed name as far as he's concerned!!!). We got her about three weeks ago and she's now fifteen weeks old. She's very sweet and will be a whole lot sweeter when she learns to wee and poo ON THE NEWSPAPER...not everywhere BUT on the newspaper!!!

As you can imagine, the kids think she's the best!!! They've both got their little games they love to play with her and she is her happiest when she's with's pretty cute to watch.

I'm off to sew up some summer pj pants for's not summer here yet, but our winter weather has been sensational lately, so I'm thinking summer is not too far away.

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Lesley said...

oh how cute :-) glad you have you back blogging I had only just found you and then you left LOL lucky you coming up to summer - we are in the middle of summer in England but its been rubbish as usual :-( back to school soon though at least!
Lesley x