Thursday, February 28, 2008

We're off to the beach...

Here is the the canvas that I covered to go in Chloe's room. I used some co-ordinating strips of fabric sewn together and stretched over the canvas. My favourite is the blue and red's so sweet.

Well, we're off to the beach for the long weekend tomorrow. We're staying at a place called Dalyellup Beach...for those West Aussies, it's about ten minutes past Bunbury. We're going with my sister and her family, my mum and dad, my aunty and my cousins and their little boy. Apparently the beach house we're staying in is a big five bedroom place, so plenty of room for all of us. I'm really looking forward to getting away and the weather is going to be beautiful.

This afternoon I baked a Chocolate Torte to take with us and I must admit it doesn't look very appealing in the tin (it's still cooling down), but it is the most devine chocolate indulgence. It's flourless and full of dark chocolate and almond meal. It's one of those easy but rather impressive and delicious desserts that is foolproof. This is probably about the tenth time I've made it and it always turns out beautifully. It looks great presented on a cake stand, dusted with icing sugar and you MUST serve it with a HUGE dollop of King Island Cream!!!

The kids have been home from school AGAIN today (remember, they were off sick on Monday!!!) because the teacher's are on strike. So we met up with some other school families at the beach this morning. It was beautiful...but we had to leave before lunch because it was getting really hot (it reach 41 degrees today).

I'm off to dinner tonight with some Year 3 mums from school. We try to get together once or twice a term to catch up and we always have such a great night. I'm looking forward to some adult conversation!!!


Cathy said...

chloes' room looks gorgeous. I love that colour combination.

Thanks for the tip about the cake - it's all in the presentation isn't it.

Enjoy your weekend away! We are freezing in Melbourne.

Selina said...

I felt guilty neglecting my own childs bedroom after my last post about chloes room! So I got it together this week and have been busy making a themed room for my boy. I'll post the pics next week. Have a great time at the beach!

Chris said...

lovely! Wish it was a few degrees warmer for a winter walk along the coast here but not up to it in this cold air atm! Lovely blog ..hope you didn't mind me passing by and saying hello!

Chris said...

Hi! thanks for your comments! Indeed coffee and cakes are not an option here! Luckily I don't ever feel hungry and sadly not well enough so don't miss either! Well actually I never liked coffee but the cakes were always OK! As for other food I don't miss that either!

I went on a blog "walk" earlier in the day and went from one link to another and then to another and found you there! Couldn't do it again easily if I tried!

Thanks again for your comments and hope you don't have PEG encounters anywhere near you! Anyway you know about it now in case anybody else ever mentions they have one!

Thanks again! Chris