Friday, February 15, 2008

Three Cheers for Girlfriends...(especially crafty ones)

On Wednesday night, our craft group met at my house. I love handsewing but haven't done much of it so decided to try out some embroidery. I did this little design on paper the other night when I was messing around so I thought I'd attempt to transfer it to fabric. It still needs some little leaves added and a few other bits and pieces, then I'm thinking of attaching it to the front of a cushion cover for Chloe.

On Thursday, I went to Bed, Bath & Table to get some easter decorations. I don't usually decorate for easter, but this year I've decided to begin the tradition. BB & T have the MOST gorgeous easter decorations at amazingly cheap prices. These handpainted eggs are the tiniest little things and they come in a gorgeous minature wooden box. I loved them so much, I bought four boxes of them (only $2.95 a box). They're the sweetest!!!

And these handpainted eggs below were only $4.95 per box. At this price, I'm going to give them to the kids to give to their friends at school for easter with a little chocolate egg.

Just look at these little wooden boxes....I can't wait to use them for something else. I've put all the tiny eggs into a martini glass and displayed them on my hallstand near the front door. And these little butterflies are made from tin and they have a plastic sticky dot on the back of them. I thought they'd be sweet to stick on some white card and use for birthday cards.

And here's the 'Staple & Sew' girls on Wednesday night (there's five of us). We were doing a mixture of handsewing, pin-up board covering, cushion making and appliqueing. It's lovely to break the week up by getting together in the evening mid-week. And we have such a laugh....there really is nothing like a good bonding session with girlfriends. Thanks girls!!!


zoesquid said...

Im sure the glasses of "water" help with your crafty inspiration. Looks like fun!

Jenny said...

Lovely stitching and all those eggs are a bargain and very eggcellent!!!(sorry!!!!)

Cathy said...

Your stitching group looks like so much fun. Very civilized too!! I love the sophistication of the glasses of wine and cheese platter. Very noice!!!!! Your embroidery look s lovely too. Can't wait for you to show us the finished result. Your table runner is very nice too - did you make it?
Have a great weekend.

A Spoon Full Of Sugar said...

Love the pretty Easter eggs and the style idea to display them in a martini glass (I think I may be heading off to BB&T myself...)