Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Chloe went to a school friend's house today for a play and my sister had Will for a few hours so I was FREE!!! I spent my morning indulging in a late breakfast, reading a magazine (from cover to cover!!!) and sewing with no interruptions!!!

I made a door stop for our laundry door. My friend gave me a template for the pyramid style doorstop. It was really quick and easy and very addictive. Unfortunately we don't have any other doors that need a door stop, but I just can't stop at making me!!!

We had a stinker of a day today...I think it reached 36 or 37 degrees (and tomorrow will be 39) so I made the kids some spiders. For some reason, I've never made these for them before, despite me having them as a child frequently. Anyway, they went down well with Chloe but Will wasn't to keen on them. You can sort of tell by the expression on his face in the photo.

And lastly, this afternoon, in between making dinner (for some crazy reason, I seem to be most productive during this time) I made a messenger/pin-up board to keep above our phone in the kitchen. It will hold all manner of things, particularly party invitations, pens, vouchers, school notices etc. I've so desperately needed something like this (we have a new stainless steel fridge that I'm trying not to put anything on) so here it is. I sort of took the cheats way out a bit. I bought a $5.00 cork board from Bunnings that has the timber frame around it. Then I covered it with fabric and staple-gunned it tightly at the back (Emily, I'm loving the staple gun!!!). I decided it needed a pocket to slot extras into, so I hemmed a bit of fabric top and bottom, glue-gunned the bottom edge of the pocket along the bottom frame of the board, then staple-gunned the sides tightly at the back. Voila!!! Now I just have to sweet talk Glenn into putting a hook on it and hanging it for me. I'm a bit of an organisation freak so to have a special place for all those annoying bits of paper, pens etc. that seem to lay around all over my kitchen bench, is VERY exciting!!! I'm thinking of making one more of these boards to go in my sewing room, to pin favourite little fabric scraps to (if I'm really in love with a particular type of fabric, I can't just toss those scraps into my fabric scrap basket, it gets kept to one side in a 'special' spot...and now that spot can be pinned to a I'm probably starting to sound weird???). And then I can also pin any other little bits of inspiration to it. Very handy I think!!!


Kate said...

You had a busy day! Love the door stop and the pin up board - thanks for the description of how you made it - we could do with one of them.

ingrid said...

Oh I love the messenger board. the pocket is a great idea.