Friday, January 18, 2008

Craft Aprons...

Well, as expected, yesterday was a stinking hot day so we spent most of it inside in the air-conditioning. In the morning, I made the kids some little craft aprons. Then we baked a couple of slices to share with friends who came over in the afternoon for a swim.

Chloe wanted her apron to hold little notebooks and pens and Will wanted his to hold large A4 pieces of paper and pens/pencils (he's always got to push the boundaries and make things just that bit difficult for me!!!). I had to explain to him that because he's only a little boy, an A4 piece of paper will be too big to go in his apron and will end up wrapping half way around his body. He didn't care, so neither did I!!!

These are the end results. They were a bit of an experiment because I've never made them before and didn't have a pattern. So since I'm still a beginner to the sewing thing, I'm quite proud of myself for cutting out a rectangle, hemming it and attaching a couple of pockets and ties....pretty difficult stuff!!! I like the whole concept of a craft apron and I think they'd make lovely gifts (particularly for little girls) so I'm going to try another one with a few extra fancy bits and pieces.

We're off to Karrinyup Shopping Centre this morning for a trip out. I haven't taken the kids to the shops all holidays (except a couple of times before Christmas). We're taking their cousin Cayley with us too. They'll be lots of window shopping, playing in the toy shop and coffee, pumpkin and date muffins, iced chocolates and chocolate cherry slice!!!

Have a lovely day.

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cayley said...

I have just put my new charm on my bracelet and it looks awesome. Thanx 4 taking me out shopping.