Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bread Baking and Thrifting...

I made an attempt at baking some bread this afternoon. It's ready and waiting to be cut at dinner tonight. It doesn't look too bad, so we'll see how it tastes.

I have to confess, it's a pretty easy recipe that I have a feeling will probably be more like damper than bread. But if it tastes good, then the recipe will definitely be a 'Keeper' in this house. And if it is good, I think it would be delicious in winter with a pot of soup.

Our kids are on school holidays at the moment and they've been pretty good most days, EXCEPT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! They've spent all day testing my patience!!! So when my mum rang this afternoon to ask if she could have the kids tomorrow to do some cooking with them and go for a swim in their pool, I couldn't say 'Yes' fast enough!!! Sooooooooo, first on my list tomorrow is to go and buy a coffee plunger at the sales (been wanting to buy one for ages) and also I'm on the look out for a muddler to make Lime Caprioscas. When we were away last week, each night my cousin made Lime Caprioscas for us and they are the best!!! If you haven't tried them, YOU MUST!!! In order to make them, you need a muddler for the limes. And lastly, I'm going to have a scrounge at a few Thrift Stores. I took the kids to our local one today for a quick look and decided I won't be going back there again. The prices are ridiculously expensive!!! Seriously, they were charging $28.99 for a scrappy looking doona cover that had stitching coming undone all over it. And $12.99 for a casserole dish....with the lid missing!!!! So I'm off to check out a few others and will hopefully have more luck.


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

ooo that bread looks yummy hope you all enjoy it!! some of the charity (thrifting) shops just get a bit carried away i think!!! hope they realise when they aren't selling much !
Lesley x

lesley said...

'Mmmmmm', your bread looks delicious! Have fun around the thrifty shops tomorrow. Hope you find something nice and just what you are looking for. xx

Anonymous said...

oooh that bread looks sooo yum!! Op shop prices are getting out of hand here too, gone are the days when you could pick up vintage Tupperware and the like for $1!! I have noticed doona covers are expensive too. I think it's all the peole who buy stuff to sell on Ebay have ruined it for all of us!!

ingrid said...

mmmm, yummy bread!

I agree with your thrift store vent. One of my local ones charges crazy prices. I dont even bother going in there anymore. It is just too depressing to see second hand stuff going for almost as much as new when it isnt even in good condition.
Even my favourite store has upped the prices in the last few months.