Saturday, July 12, 2008


Recently, we re-decorated the kids playroom. We sold all of the old playroom furniture on ebay and replaced it with some new bits and pieces from Ikea. I wanted to create a workstation for each of the kids as you can see below. The set of drawers in between the desks holds all their paper, colouring books and stationary (sticky tape, glue, scissors etc.). And above each of their desks you can see three green tubs that are hanging from a rail on the wall. These hold their textas, crayons and pencils. And they each have a shelf above their desks for displaying art work etc.

We now have a couch in the playroom which I love. Our playroom is such a sunny room for most of the day so it's the best place to curl up and read a book or watch a dvd. You can see some art work that the kids have done, hanging on the wall. Chloe did an aboriginal style dot drawing of a platypus and Will's is of a snake!!! The frames are from Ikea and their perfect for changing the art work around ever few months.

This little unit is from Ikea also and it has finally solved all of our Lego dramas!!! It's worth it's weight in gold!!! Every piece of lego has it's place and the kids keep it pretty tidy because they know where everything goes. When we are at home, Will spends most of his time playing with Lego so to have it so easily accessible for him is great.

And finally, this is the storage unit that holds our games, books, dvd's and other craft bits and pieces.

Not sure about you, but I love seeing other peoples playrooms, studios, lounge rooms etc (think that's the sticky beak coming out in me) so I thought I'd post some pics of ours.

Enjoy your weekend!!!


linnie said...

Wow! Looks like it's straight out of the pages of a magazine.

I love looking at pictures of your house, you truely have a knack for decorating!

Lesley said...

Thats fab my children would love a playroom set up like that so I am officially inspired!!
Lesley x

Lesley said...

Hope its okay but ive added you to my blog list :-) thought it was only polite to let you know! Lx

ingrid said...

Wow, this playroom looks fabulous! When can I send my kids over?

meg duerksen said...

what an awesome playroom!
i love how bright and sunny it is and the colors you chose to accent with.
very clean lines...simple and functional.
it is so cool.
and i think i will get one of those bins for our 10,000 legos. thanks for the idea. :)