Monday, April 14, 2008

Reading Corner...

I took the kids off to visit our new Ikea this morning (I've been a few times, but they haven't seen it yet....and it IS a big deal!!!). We had a lovely morning tea in the cafe (that Daim cake is awesome!!!). I only bought a few little things for the house...a couple of succulents to go in each of the bathrooms, a basket to put some kid's books in for our family room and I caved in to the kids pestering and bought them a lovely little animal stable that came with about eight or so soft toy farm animals (have I mentioned Chloe loves animals?). So they've been spending the afternoon playing farms and zoos.

I wanted to make up a bit of a reading corner downstairs in our family room area for the kids. And two minutes after I'd set it up, I found Chloe reading to sweet!!! I won't mention that five minutes before this photo, they were yelling and screaming at each other because Will wanted to put the farm animals into the stable and Chloe didn't want him too!!! But all is peaceful now, so I won't complain.

And in the second photo is our book/reading corner...I think it will be lovely in winter because the sun comes in that window in the afternoon. I've got a couple of European cushion inserts in my linen cupboard so I'm going to make up some floor cushions to go in this corner too. I just need to decide on some fabric.

If you haven't already checked out Kate's blog over the last few must go and congratulate her as she's had her little baby girl. And what a sweetie she is!!! Congratulations Chris and Kate!!!


Grogal said...
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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad to hear the holidays have got off to a good start. I LOVE the new IKEA - such an improvement on the old store. Your reading corner looks great. Have fun making up the floor cushions!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ainslie... thanks for the congrats re: the new banshee. Kate and Eva are both well and we've managed to visit them today in Bunbury. The big banshees are now in bed here at home, whilst I catch up Kate on her blog stuff, as well as the fun jobs.
Naturally we totally planned to have Eva in the school holidays so that I could utilise my time more efficiently...NOT! Kate and I were both spewing as we were ready to go to a wedding on Saturday arvo just gone - Kate as bridesmaid, the banshees as flowergirls! The banshees were great without us there but Kate had a dress made specifically for her... I was more spewing as I couldn't go to golf on Friday with the groom, and was planning on having a hit with the boys on Saturday am. Oh well!
Enjoy having your gorgeous kids at home for the 2 weeks. Chris