Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mother's Day Stall...

Yes, that's my new baby from now until 10th May. I'm on the Fundraising Committee at our primary school and nominated myself to run the Mother's Day Stall this year. We set it up down at our local shopping centre the day before Mother's Day.

I've helped out in previous years by baking biscuits and slices and also making jewellery, bags, tissue huggers and a few other bits and pieces to sell. And this year, I decided to have a go at running the stall (actually, it was more a case of....no-one else put there hand up so I did!!!)

Sooooooo, first things first. You just can't have a Mother's Day Stall without some bunting for decoration. This morning I made this bunting and went for a classic pink and lime colour scheme which will become the colour scheme for the stall. All of the items on the stall are donated by parents at our school and within the community which is lovely. We usually find the homebaked treats sell exceptionally well, so this year I thought I would send home with the school kids, a few quick, easy and possibly freezeable recipes on a little card for them to give to mum or dad in the hope that it may inspire them to get baking for our stall. I've got a stash of bags that I've been making for the stall and I'll also make some more sterling silver beaded jewellery. I was also thinking drink coasters might sell well.

Does anyone have any quick and relatively cheap things I could make? I'm always on the lookout for ideas.


Cathy said...

Hi there - I helped out last year on the stall. I made a few peg bags (very easy) - also another one that sold really well was noodle boxes filled with handmade pink meringues (see my blog for recipe) and the noodle box can be decorated.

I also made 'purse organisers' which you can see on my blog too. If you need the links let me know.

Good luck with it.

Selina said...

Food is always a good idea. Chocolates are easy in moulds, although after Easter people might still be recovering. If you are making jewellery with beads what about wine rings with beads.Put 6 on a card to match with your fabric coasters.

A Spoon Full Of Sugar said...

I love the handbag organiser idea - your version looks really attractive. The latest issue of "Get Creative" has some quick Mothers Day projects - glasses case; shower cap; book pyramid; aprons etc. Good luck with the stall!

sosheen said...

Stumbled across your site looking for fundraising ideas. One service we're using that is quite good is Easyfundraising - they generate free funds every time you shop online.
Anyway, hope you don't mind me posting. Good luck.