Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Little Cherubs...

I didn't have any white paint (can you believe it!!!) to paint the frames, so I used what I had. But I do think this colour is too close to our wall colour. So I'm off to Spotlight tomorrow to purchase some white paint and have another go.

I can't believe the detail in this painting and the gorgeous colours (unfortunately my mediocre camera doesn't do it justice!!!). That blue is way more vibrant. I do wonder who painted them? There is no name on them at all.

And this one definitely needs a white frame. I guess I'll just consider this first coat to be an undercoat!!!

I went upstairs last night as usual to check on the kids before I went to bed and this is what I found when I went into Will's room. Did I mention we are in the middle of summer and it was 37 degrees yesterday. I just had to get a photo of him in his beannie. And that's half a tattoo you can see on his forehead, in case you were wondering!!! He's got them ALL over his body too!!! Both my kids love sneaking out of bed once Glenn and I have said our goodnights and re-dressing themselves in all manner of things. This is Will's usual get-up. And Chloe usually changes her pj's from summers to winters (she knows I won't let her wear winters during summer, so she sneaks them on later), then she adds her eye mask, her woolen gloves and her toe socks...yes, this is also in the middle of summer).

But last night I could only catch her with her winter pj's on. I'll make sure I capture her in her full get-up next time. It really is hilarious. Especially those toe-socks....they are the funniest looking things. Look at my little cherubs...I always think they revert back to babyhood when they're sleeping. I look at their faces and to me, they look just like they did when they were babies. I wonder if it will always be this way??? I hope so!!!


Skye Rocket Sews said...

What's up with the unseasonal dressing?My eldest is the same.
I bet if you tried to get a jumper on them on a cold day it would be a mission!Kid's are funny!
Mel. x
Oh..BTW I think you sent me the good luck op shopping fairy.I found a fab dress yesterday.

zoesquid said...

Wow, its amazing what a coat of paint will do. I think both pics look fantastic. My kids insist on wearing nothing to bed. We say our goodnights in fresh summer pj's and when we check in on them, they are both stark naked! Dont think I could post pics of that! Happy Weekend.