Sunday, February 24, 2008

This Is...

This taking a photo of myself in the mirror with my favourite accessory!!! Or in my case, accessories. This week's theme is from One Red Robin. And you can check out other people's 'This Is' posts at Three Buttons.

We have a huge mirror in our dining area and that's where I took the photo (it was either there or in our ensuite), so I must apologise for the poor lighting.

I had to cheat a bit because I have two favourite accessories. The first is my newish bag. I bought it using a gift voucher a few months ago and I LOVE IT!!! The pewter colour is perfect because it goes with everything and it can hold lots of stuff if need be. My other very favourite accessory is my Pandora Charm Bracelet. Glenn bought it for me about three and a half years ago and last Christmas I got my last charm to fill it (a gorgeous little queen bee with a gold crown from my brother and his wife). If you haven't heard of these bracelets, you MUST check out the Pandora website. I have a mixture of gold and silver charms on my bracelet (that's why it took three years to fill...the gold charms are solid and pretty expensive!!!) All the people closest to me have bought me a charm for my bracelet, so each one has special meaning.


Kyla said...

I love new bags as well. I really love the colour of your bag. Your Bracelet is really cute as well.
Have a super day!

Jenny said...

I love the idea of a charm bracelet and your new bag is gorgeous-and big!!Big bags are best think!!