Monday, December 3, 2007

'Tis the Season...

The tree is up, decoration making is in full swing....yep, Christmas is almost here. The kids have been niggling each other (to put it lightly!!!) for the past few days so a craft was in order this afternoon to distract them. Of course, even that started in an argument, but once they got into it, we had some peace and quiet. The result is the paper chain hanging on the Christmas tree. These are such a simple decoration that are easy for the kids to make without adult supervision and they really do look great.

The kids have been nagging me to make some little soft toys for them over the weekend....nothing too complicated for Will....just a TRUCK and a REINDEER. I think he's forgotten that I'm a BEGINNER to sewing. I got away with making a very small felt truck, but the reindeer gave me some grief this afternoon. Will had it in his mind exactly how he wanted me to make it, so instead of me forcing my opinions, I decided to make it as he wanted and it turned out ok. He's happy so that's what's important. And the cute thing is, whatever I make, the kids think it's wonderful and they want to take it to school straight away to show for news!!! Ummmmmmmmmm, I may have to do some explaining to the teacher about all these weird creations.

And for Chloe, I made a little kitty (based on the miny moopy design that has been floating around blog-land). It turned out pretty cute for a first attempt. I made it last night just before she went to bed so I let her choose all the fabrics, then told her I MIGHT get started on it when she's in bed. I actually finished it and put it at her bedroom door so she could find it when she woke up. She loved I'm happy!!!

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