Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thanks Dad!!!

Just a quick post today....some time ago, we were given a lovely old meat safe from my Great Aunty. It was beautiful but in need of some serious restoration work. I started to sand it back and realised it was covered in LOTS of coats of paint. I was talking to my dad about it one day (well, probably more like complaining) and he offered to restore it completely for me. Of course, I accepted his offer and only a couple of weeks later, here it is looking way better and more beautiful than I ever thought it would. And having said that, if I was restoring it myself, there is no way I could have got it looking this good. Right down to the original latches, dad has cleaned and scrubbed and sanded and painted and here is the end result. I LOVE IT!!! I'm still fiddling around with ornaments etc. to decorate it, but I'm happy with it like this for now. The outside is painted a semi-gloss off-white and for the inside I chose a very pale mint green. Have I already said how much I LOVE IT??? Well, I LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much dad.

This afternoon I made a couple of little things for Will's teachers at kindy. We've all put in money to buy them vouchers for a day spa, but I still like to do something else just from us. So, we've made tissue huggers and little Christmas decorations. Cute!!!


Anonymous said...

The Meat Safe looks terrific!! I especially like the mosaic flower!! Megan

ingrid said...

Oh WOW! That looks wonderful Aren't dads just the greatest!

I really like the little ornaments too. very sweet!